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Our Mission

The Lobo Club is a non-profit organization that raises funds necessary to provide financial support for student-athlete scholarships, facilities, programs that support student-athlete success and operational support to create an athletics program of excellence for the University of New Mexico.

Women's Basketball

The Lobo Club believes a successful athletics program is a source of pride for the community and the state of New Mexico, and provides greater opportunities, as a whole, for the University of New Mexico.

Your Impact

As a member of the UNM Lobo Club, your impact makes a difference. With private support, the UNM Lobo Club is able to provide tuition, room and board, books and academic services to nearly 450 student-athletes yearly.

In addition, your support through the UNM Lobo Club allows the University of New Mexico to provide a top-tier student-athlete experience through providing the necessary resources for student-athlete well-being, and by maintaining state-of-the art athletics facilities for 22 athletic programs.

The growth of the UNM Lobo Club is the key driving force behind the University of New Mexico athletics programs to compete at the highest of levels both within conference and national competition. It is because of your generosity that we can impact the lives of hundreds of student-athletes as they make navigate their careers as Lobos long after their playing days are over.

Lobo Stories

Natasha Dark


Lobo diver Natasha Dark is a classic example of how resiliency pays off in both sport and life. In our interview with her, Dark explained how her dedication to athletics has given her numerous opportunities to grow both as an athlete an a person.

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Board of Directors


Dee Dennis

President Elect

Warren Ellis

Immediate Past President

Bart Kinney

Vice Presidents

  • Dee Dennis

  • Mary Beth Maloy


  • Sheila Mendez

  • Jim Wills

  • Jim Wills

  • Imesh Vaidya

  • Jack Thompson

  • Rick Siegel

  • Sherman McCorkle

  • Brent Franken

  • Chris Cassidy

  • Lucy Barabe

  • Warren Ellis

  • Cliff Gramer

  • Greg Hunt

  • Larry Jehle

  • Lawrence Peterson

  • Susie Singer

  • Jennifer Mason

  • John Perner

Chapter Presidents

Norm Burns

Corporate Directors

  • Margaret Branch
  • Adrian Chavez
  • Larry Chavez
  • Adrian Perez
  • Pat Sanchez
  • Jerry Smith
  • Rick Wadley

Honorary Lifetime Members

  • John Brooks
  • Yvonne Moise
  • Lynn Mosher
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